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About Acti-Kare Home Care in Springfield

Jennifer Kinsman

Franchise Owners and Area Directors

Jennifer Kinsman has many years of experience in social services, advocacy work, and volunteering. After attending high school and Smith College in western Massachusetts, she relocated to New York, Louisiana, and Chicago, always with the intention of returning to this area with its beautiful countryside and reliable changes of the seasons.

Since moving to Granville in 1998, she has been active in her town and committed to volunteer work in her community, often encouraging friends to join in on projects. Her career has ranged from legal services to fundraising, designing and managing social service programs.

Jennifer has two sons in college and a daughter in high school. She has been a soccer mom for many years, and never tires of going to soccer games. Her two border collies are as much a part of the family as anyone else. An avid gardener, she turned an old in-ground swimming pool into a highly productive vegetable garden and enjoys sharing produce with family and friends.

When deciding to operate her own business, Acti-Kare was a natural fit for someone who loves to meet new people, cares deeply about the people who live in her community, and strongly believes that people thrive most when in their own home environment. “Over the years I have spent plenty of time caring for older family members who opted to stay at home with occasional outside help for as long as possible. These experiences have clearly illustrated the value of being in a familiar place. On the other hand, many of my friends did not choose that option for their parents or other loved ones, and some of them second-guessed themselves later on. New Englanders are sturdy people; I understand that most of them want to stay at home as they age. I would too!”

Acti-Kare offers a very supportive system for clients and employees. There is a process for nearly every situation that arises, based on extensive experience. “This is a wonderful company that offers a much needed service in our community. I love being able to match needs to resources with such wonderful outcomes. I am proud to be affiliated with Acti-Kare and the extensive variety of services it offers.”

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